Now the title alone should have grabbed your attention, me saying that you all, me included, (so don’t feel I’m singling you out!) all have had an STD at some point, or you may have one now should also put the hackles up, or make your finger hover over the close button?

But hopefully the more astute of you, or those who know a little about me, will be thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, I sense a trap, he’s up to something here, what’s he getting at??’

Well, let me explain, I love watching people, listening to them; in the street, on TV, at the checkout in Morrison’s, or where ever. And people say things; about the situation, themselves, others, these are STD!

An STD is; “Statements That Define”, such as; ‘Oh I don’t do that, no I’m a this, that or the other, look at them! We comment on everything, even in Church! And that comment says more about you than them, it reveals, and this is what I felt God saying to me the other morning, it reveals’ what you think of yourself in; comparison to others, how you see yourself, where you feel you are in the general order of life, the ‘pecking order’ if you would.


We all have STD’s, now I’m not saying they’re bad, we shouldn’t have them, I’m drawing your attention to yours? Why? Because it will let you into how you feel about yourself, and as scripture points out, ‘lean not on your own understanding’ Prov 3:5. You and I are flawed people, but through the; blood, sacrifice, the Grace of God, we are; redeemed, being restored, worth more than anything, Matt 6: 25-27

Read these scripture, meditate on them, more importantly, believe these scriptures, it’s you He’s talking about here, talking to. Now a comment once made by a guy I used to work with, one I’ve always remembered, is this; “Don’t believe in half truth’s, you might have the wrong half!”


So today, belive this truth, Jn 3:16, that’s you and me folks, and as the saying goes, ‘If you’d been the only one left on the planet, He’d have still coe, died for you’, so the STD, in a good way, should read’ Gal 3:29

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