It has to be said that God seaks to us a the most unusual moments of our life, and it has to be said the most unusual places too, but that shouldn’t surprise you and I as the name of the book by G.Hughes puts it, ‘God of surprises’ is a reality.

So there I am, on holiday, in bed, the lights starting to stream in through the cracks in the curtains, and it was there and then I felt the invite, the inspiration of a God, who knows me and what I need, Matt 10:30, (think He’s collecting mine!) better than I do!


Yet, ‘Curtains’, is a phrase often associated with bad stuff, ‘its curtains for you!’ a threat, ‘Its curtains’ you’re in trouble, but as in the scriptures, which speak into each and every situation we are in, God is good, the ‘curtain’ in Mark 15:38, which seems a bad scenario was in fact the beginning of our journey in faith, into the vine, John 15.

But back to the bedroom & the invite, as I said I’m laid there on one side of the curtain, well its all well, quiet, comfy, dark etc, but on the other side of the curtain there is life, Jn 10:10, its all going off out there; bird song, wind in the trees, we’re at Centre Parks, light and life in all its fullness.

My point, our lives are what they are, they are where they are, but they can be so much more when God speaks into them, so its like Eden was outside my room and God wanted me to know this, come out into it, enjoy it as it was intended, as in the beginning, Gen 1-3. And it’s this tension, this decision I felt Him put to me, we so just clock the difference and turn over, ‘another 5 minutes, it’ll be there when I get to it’, will it? what if Elisha had just stayed in the cave?, 1 Kings 19, Peter the boat?, Matt 14:28, what blessings they would have missed.

Today take that chance, make that choice, open the curtains and let the light flood in, be bathed in it, warmed by it, today, Heb 4:7, God is speaking are we listening?

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