We all have them, just look about you as you read this, there will be trinkets, bits and pieces you have near you, on your key ring, in your Bible, on your desk, mantle piece, bedside cabinet, car. This list is endless, we keep these things with us, carry them about for they remind us of; people, places, experiences, times gone past.

Now what’s my point, what am I trying to get you to see?, it’s this, I was in the process, again, of changing the bedroom round, building furniture, erecting shelves etc, in the process of this work I had to move a number of articles I listed above.

It was then that it struck me just how many we have, just how long it is we’ve been doing this trophy collecting, building, why I ask?, why do we surround ourselves with them? And more importantly, why are there so few trophies relating to God, the journey we have travelled with Him, where are they?

Abraham in Gen 12:7 built an alter, now we know we are to have no graven images, (Ex 20:4), other Gods but God, but this wasn’t the case here, no Abraham was putting down a marker, a point in his life where his God had acted, instructed him, so he built an alter, a trophy to God.

Can you see where I’m going with this? It’s not that I despise all the things mentioned at the start of this ‘thought’, no, but I’m comparing, holding up to the light, the shocking imbalance in my life, and share this with you so you may do the same, examine you heart (Ps 26:2) The reason we have these comforts around us is down to fear, ”Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” we hold onto ‘things’ for fear of; loss, separation, the unknown, yet Paul said this in (Acts 20:24) he counted life as nought except following Christ.

Like wise we need the things of God, those moments of revelation, instruction, a word, an experience to be the, ‘alters’ along the way we hold to, remind, return to, these are the ‘certainties of God’ to us. The ‘cornerstone’, upon which we stand, step out into the world, be His people in dark times?

Let us, ‘be in the world’, and all that that means, i.e. be family, community, individuals who leave their mark, but let us, ‘not be of it?’ Let us bring to the table the things of God, let our lives, words be scented with His aroma, let us lift high the trophy He puts before us until that day we reach that point where the final prize is given, (1Cor:9:24) this is our goal, our hope(2 Tim 4:8)

Build your alters

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