Thank God For Jesus!

(Romans 7)


KISS, is what I am to do with this ‘Thought!’, (keep it simple sunshine), so there I am with a window of opportunity before me, space in the diary, good weather outside and my joggers & trainers in the boot of the car!

So, ‘Carpe’ Deum’ I seize the day! On with the trainers & joggers, key & phone in bag and off into the wide blue yonder I go, wonderful I recommend it.  Now I haven’t run for some months so the jaunt from St Andrew’s up to the Tardebigge pub is daunting, but best foot forward and all that!


Now you need to know that the first mile and the last mile are the hardest in any run, no matter what length, so armed with that knowledge I pace my self through that first mile through Finstall.  Now another thing you have to know if you don’t run is this, watch, ‘Run Fat Boy Run’, that shows you in visual terms what every run & every runner faces, ‘The Wall!’

Now the wall is in the head, its a point in the run where the mind tells the body, ‘pot this!’ and gives in, so I’m waiting for that wall, fortunately for me I’m in good nick and it didn’t come until the last mile coming up Humphries Ave! Now it’s not, ‘Walls’ I want to talk about, it’s the return journey from Tardebigge, as I descend I spot this bloke running just a step in front of me, without warning, planning, being in a race for heavens sake, I speed up!

Now here’s my point, ‘Pride’, as William Barclay phrased it, ‘Pride is the seed bed all other sins grow from’ and so it is, I’m not battling with my, ‘Wall’ any more, I’m battling with my pride, telling myself to let it go, stop being an idiot, but I keep glancing up, am I any nearer my now ‘Rival!’ I’m fighting an old enemy, one we all have in one way or another, as the quote puts it, ‘The most important of life’s battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul’

Paul knew this problem to well, hence my use of Romans 7, our human dilemma and our divine antidote, as I started, so I finish, both the race and this, ‘Thought’, ‘Thank God for Jesus!’ Amen?

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