You Are Beautiful

Now I know our speaker last Sunday said, ‘if you got up this morning and can see, that’s a benefit’, taken from Psalm 103:2, but those, ‘benefits’, dissipate like mist when you catch sight of yourself first thing in the morning, well mine do!

But I got to thinking about this, ‘Beauty’, we are bombarded, are we not, with; creams, treatments, perfumes, to name but a few commercials on out TV, that will enhance, nah turn back time to the days of our youth? But what if you feel ugly on the inside?


I meet a lot of folk during the day, see things many don’t, people who have let the outside slide because the inside is a mess, and as I travelled in the car today, Chris Brown came on the radio, he sings, ‘Beautiful People’, it’s a very similar song, in sentiment only, to Christine Aguilera’s track, ‘You are Beautiful’. Both of which are worth a listen too, and in a way mirror, in secular terms, what the scriptures say to us in the verses of the Bible, thinking of Ps 139, listen to the tracks, read the Word.

All of which led me to Isa 53:1-3, it would appear our Lord wasn’t a, ‘looker’, yet there was a ,’beauty’ to Him that others saw, others were drawn to, that transcended all we hold and are told is important! And that beauty, that belief came from one fact, one focus, His Father.

Last Sunday was a day in Gods diary that he had planned, purposed for His children to know, be with Him in an intimate way, in word & worship, one of the hymns we sang summed up the day and this thought for this day that the Lord has made, this benefit we are enjoying

In the classic, ‘complete Anglican Hymns Old & New’, hymn 150, last verse;

“You are mine, O my child, I am your Father, and I love you with a perfect love”

This is the answer to the image in the mirror, the million and one thoughts in each of our heads when we think of ourselves as ugly, plain, dull etc., to the comments that cause us to doubt, if you know Him as Lord, He knows you, John 10:2 and you are His, beautiful and of great price!

Enjoy the benefits of this day, this word to you, this truth spoke over you and give God the glory due His name

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