The word, ‘Line’: applies to, completes, so many other words, for example; draw a Line in the sand, here it refers to a limit, a point we either step over or up too. Lines on our faces, not a welcome, but inevitable in life! Lines of drugs, life lines on our hands, or so we’re told! The end of the line, here it refers to a destination reached, or the point we have had enough, a 100 lines, a form of punishment? The list in endless.

But this word, ‘line’, had a deeper significance to me this week as I waded through the many lives, situations that prevail on the Estate, and it was while I reflected and brought to God, for He alone is the answer, redeemer of some of the situations I have in mind even as I write this, that it struck me.

For here is a truth, You and I are lines in people’s lives, we may be the introductory line, the start of their story and ours, we may be a player in the middle of their journey? Or we can be the last line in it, but where ever it is, You and I are lines in the lives of those we live with, work along side, relate to, or simply know.

So here’s the deal, what does that line say?, it will be written in the weave of that persons life, it will have effect, cause a response, action, so what is it that that line says to them? Jesus was quite clear with His words, to the point in Matt 5:37, He said, ‘Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No’

He said this, not so we don’t waffle, but because He knew the power of words, wouldn’t you just love to know what the lines He drew in the sand in front of the woman dragged out by the Church said? I would because it was the start of a changed life; He completed that work by the words, the line he sowed into her life after He stood her up and gave her her dignity back.

So I want you to reflect, realise the power each and everyone of us has, in our words and the lines we make using them, the reality that they can; create, they comfort, or they criticise and cause pain, Gods words, line to us in Jesus was John 3:16, Jesus words, line to us was Matt 28:19, ‘Go’ that’s go and do as He did, speak and share as He did, let the ‘lines’ said of us be like those said of Him, Matt 28:54, for we to are now His children

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