My Name? Bond, James Bond

Now I was watching a programme the other night, not a Bond film I hasten to add, but a programme which had a certain amount of, 'Cloak & Dager' with in it, it's called 'under Cover Boss'  The gist of the show is, Head of organisation pretends to be; reporter, looking for work, making a documentary, and this gets them into all areas of the organisation they run.  It's been a great series, N Power boss was on, the head of Anne Summers too, talk about contrast!  Anyway, this is what I want to say, point out, in the light of the programmes I saw, and the scriptures.  Everyone of the employees the Boss had spent time with, in the field, shop, factory, when confronted with the truth, this person they knew as, MR/S x, was actually their boss, they were blown away.  Why I hear you ask?, they were blown away because their boss had seen how hard it was in the particular area they worked, how they had worked hard to make the best of the situations they were in, basically what we read in scripture, matt 25:21 
Now this got me thinking, how many people know of God, yet don't know what he thinks of them, Ps 139, for example, how many people, like in the secular world, accept there's a God but don't think, expect him to say, do anything in and for their lives? John 10:10, even christians run this race I believe. Yet how, not only blown away, up lifted would they be, if the God they were aware of, had called on when in a jam, in trouble, actually stepped up and spoke their name! how that would not only make them feel good about themselves, life, work, but their world, their lives.  People we need to get it out there, God, the Boss, is desperate for his people, his company, to know he loves them, as he said as the son came out the Jordon, 'this is my son in whom I am well pleased', and he says, wants all to know this truth. You maybe the only Bible people read, reveal your identity, your God and may he who lives in you and is greater than he who is in the world, speak through the pages of your life

God Bless

The Capt

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