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Easter Services 2017

  • Last Updated: Sunday, 09 April 2017 13:24
  • Written by All Saints Admin
  • 09 Apr

Join us over Easter for a selection of services and activities at All Saints' Church:

Sunday 9th April: Palm Sunday

  • 10:15am: Palm Sunday service

Thursday 13th April: Maundy Thursday

  • 7:30pm: Maundy Thursday Team Service at All Saints

Friday 14th April: Good Friday

  • 10:00am: Crafty Church - crafts for children (and adults!)
  • 10:30am: Churches Together Walk of Witness around Bromsgrove starting from the Methodist Church
  • 2:00pm: Meditation for Good Friday
  • 7:30pm: Tenebrae service* at St. Godwald's with joint choirs

Sunday 16th April: Easter Sunday

  • 8:00am: Said Communion
  • 10:15am: Easter Sung Communion

* A Tenebrae (meaning 'shadows') is a service starting with candle-lit lighting that is gradually reduced whilst the story of Jesus' suffering and death is told. The service, which includes music, finishes in darkness.

Everyone is welcome to all of these services and activities.


Pastoral Letter - April 2017

  • Last Updated: Sunday, 09 April 2017 13:12
  • Written by All Saints Admin
  • 09 Apr

Dear Friends,

The sun has risen higher in the sky. Life is returning as it always does each spring. Our gardens are greening with the promise of fruit and flowers. Spring is a time of resurrection as all is made new.

All of life depends on the cycle of birth, death and resurrection, all that gives life is woven into this cycle and resurrection is a natural part of this cycle. A part that doesn’t just resuscitate the old but makes life anew, allowing it to grow even larger and stronger than before. Think of those old perennials who seem to die and disappear completely, only to reappear with brand new vigour in the warmth of spring.

This primal cycle plays deep within our own psyche. From ancient times people have told stories that carry this cycle as their theme. The stories of Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis and Attis, Dionysus and Jesus Christ’s all include the story of death and resurrection.

Many of these stories assure warriors of new life and encourage bravery when fighting an enemy.

Except for Jesus’ story. His story is about the power of love. Love for all creation. Love for those whose misfortune has put them on the periphery of society, the poor, the sick, the mentally ill and the exploited. Love for those treated as less than others, widowed and single women, strangers from other lands. All his story asks of us is to ‘love one another’, a request that those whose security lies in power, greed and exploitation cannot tolerate. A request that even today is crucified with every bomb that is dropped, every homeless person moved on and every young girl treated as a commodity to be trafficked.

But every time a person, shelters a stranger, speaks out against war, gives of themselves for another, there is resurrection, a space for new life, new hope and a new day. In his story, Jesus tells us that we will do even greater things than he has done and he leaves his story in our hands. Even though our hands are small and we may only be able to do small things, we do not work alone. Just as we plant a small seed in the ground with faith that it will grow and become food or a feast for the eyes, we can do small things and know that we are a part of his story. A story that reveals the vastness of Divine love hidden in all our stories

assuring us that however dark the winter of our days become, there will always be a new spring, a new time when life will carry us into a larger perspective and clearer knowing of the Love that we are all held in.

May the story of Life death and resurrection bless you this Easter.

Rev Bev


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This Weeks Services

Sung Communion
Sun Aug 25 @10:15AM - 11:15AM